July 22, 2011

Journal reports on fracking ban hearing

The Journal has a piece on Wednesday night's public hearing. There's one bit I'd correct:

The town board has 60 days to consider comments before bringing the ban to a vote, but Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner said the board would vote on the proposal a bit early, at the Aug. 2 meeting, 7 p.m. at town hall.

"A bit early" makes it sound like the board is supposed to wait 60 days. That's not accurate. The board is obligated to vote within 60 days, and often votes on issues the same day as the public hearing.

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Rick Ryan said:

This was such a great meeting. Seeing the town-wide support for this ban was really uplifting. And participating in our democratic process just feels right. I liked how Mary Ann Sumner was very impressed with the speakers and participation. She made the comment about volunteerism in the community and how it definitely seems possible to bring it back, and make an impact. After attending Wednesday's meeting, I completely agree.