July 7, 2011

Still no answers in Etna arson

It's been almost a year since a fire destroyed Ithaca Police Sergeant Bryan Bangs' Etna home, but there's no news yet on who might have done it:

"We are still actively investigating the Bangs arson case. It is still open. Because of that, I wouldn't be able to discuss any leads," said Captain James Barnes of the New York State Police Bureau of Investigations, Troop C....

"There's still an active reward of $20,000 for anyone (who) provides information that leads to the arrest of the persons responsible," Ithaca Police Department Chief Edward Vallely said.

The Journal also has a deeply unsurprising headline this morning: DEC: Local hydrofracking bans could end up in court. I suspect that in the long run, Albany will find a way to this compromise to shift the battles away from Albany, but the outlook is presently fuzzy.

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