September 3, 2011

Freeville shopping improves

Sungiva and I sometimes go out Saturday morning to look for horses and cows. I drive around Dryden, and she calls out when she sees the animals. Today, though, we spent a lot of time around Freeville, visiting some places that make Saturdays in Freeville extra exciting.

Edgewood Bakery.
Edgewood Bakery: treats and breads.

We stopped first at Edgewood Bakery (at 17 Railroad Street, on the other side of the recently re-opened Toad's Diner), and got cinnamon rolls. They mostly sell their delicious baked goods - try the danish! - through other places, but they're open 2-6 on Friday and 9-3 on Saturday.

We also stopped at Jerry Dell Farm Store, which is open Thursday and Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-4. They're at 41 Fall Creek Road, Freeville, NY - which I last visited when it was the Marquis Farm for Farm City Day. They have dairy cows there, and have a license for raw milk:

Cooler for raw milk.
Cooler for raw milk.

We bought sweet corn and red onions from their selection of vegetables:

Vegetables at Jerry Dell Farm Store.
Vegetables at Jerry Dell Farm Store.

They also had eggs and grass-fed beef for sale.

We also visited that long-time shrine of sweet corn, Fall Creek Farm Market, further north at 397 Fall Creek Road, for corn, grapes, peaches, and some snacking tomatoes. They were a wonderful find during our year of local eating, and continue to be great.

I think all of these places only take cash - at least not credit cards - so come with a full wallet when you're visiting.

It's great to see Toad's Diner return, and the Waterwheel Cafe, next door to Tile-Tec, has been delicious. I think I'll be spending more time in Freeville!

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