October 11, 2011

Catching up on the news

Once again, I've fallen behind.

The main Dryden-centric piece of the past week was Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk, which included a few events that have already happened and many that haven't. She opens by discussing various projects to help Owego, Apalachin, and other flooded areas.

Just to the west of the Town line, it looks like we'll have yet another unlovely cell tower providing better coverage to an area that already had coverage.

Tompkins County was the first county to actually pass a tax cap override, though others are on their way.

In gas drilling news, Dominion, which runs the gas pipeline through Dryden and the E.M. Borger Station on Ellis Hollow Creek Road, makes it clear that gas drilling isn't especially about energy independence with its plans to export Marcellus Shale gas from a facility in Maryland. Meanwhile, the Syracuse Post-Standard notices the prospects for Utica Shale drilling, extending to parts of the state that may not have been paying attention to the Marcellus conversation. Meanwhile, hunters may want to pay attention to the drilling conversation.

(See this for more on where the different shale formations and their fairways are.)

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MHA said:

Actually, the new cell tower is to replace the cellular equipment currently residing on the massive and unsightly water tower at the Cornell Plantations, since the water tower is being taken down. So, it's to replace the equipment that was providing coverage, not add to existing coverage.

That's good to know, though I have to admit I find water towers less unsightly than cell towers. I understand that one isn't in use, though, so it's better to take it down than let it fall down!


Jason C said:

What they are taking down that tower? How sad. Every time I drive by I sing the song Stand by the late great REM as that tower is in it (back when it was painted red and white checkered)... ahh good old late 80s music.


Many parts of this video were filmed in Ithaca and since this is a Dryden blog yes some spot in Dryden show up in it also.

There is your random fact of the day.