November 1, 2011

Does keeping gas drilling out make sense?

Yes, completely. If you still want more conversation, though...

The Ithaca Journal has a pro-ban anti-drilling piece from County Legislator Martha Robertson and a pro-drilling anti-ban piece from Dryden Safe Energy Coalition spokesman Henry Kramer.

I'm very happy to see that the Journal recognized that Henry Kramer's stance is not the middle of the road and that his gas industry propaganda needs to be presented with an opposing view. It's still a mix of his prophet of doom act on lawsuits and his prophet of sunshine and unicorns on the benefits, but it's hard to imagine Kramer acknowledging other possibilities at this point.

Robertson's point is simple: fracking is a threat to our $1,000,000,000+ in assessed property value, and the costs of protecting that are relatively small. Residents seem to get that.

Update: More on the legal side here.

There's also a piece on drilling and wildlife.

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John Sullivan said:

both links are to Kramer's article.

Argh! Sorry about that! Fixed now.