November 5, 2011

Piles of election and fracking news

It's definitely been a busy week for Dryden. Here are pointers to some of the latest election pieces:

The Journal has a report on yesterday's oral arguments in Anschutz v. Dryden.

In slightly stranger fracking news, the Dryden Safe Energy Coalition is finally planning a new "education meeting" on "Water and Energy Development" the day after the election in, er, Binghamton.

It's one thing to hold a secret invite-only meeting where it's more convenient for the gas companies, but why would a Dryden group hold their public educational events an hour's drive away? With those "wishing to attend should give advance notice by e-mail "? Have they really made themselves that radioactive in Dryden?

Worst of all, though I'm assuming the Journal just printed their press release more or less as it came in, the Journal still somehow lets them get away with their nonsense "coalition said it is dedicated to the "middle way" in terms of energy development". The only thing worse than partisans are partisans who pretend they're not partisan.

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