December 24, 2011

Make-A-Wish causes unemployment issue

Back in October, the Ithaca Journal was reporting on a happy gift to a Freeville 5-year-old. Today, it seems that the trip to Disney World is causing his father painful problems with unemployment benefits. It seems that the eligibility maze doesn't offer exceptions even for situations like this.

In the viewpoints section, Kathy Zahler demonstrates the challenges of cutting school budgets to stay inside of a tax cap when the state's promised mandate relief never appeared. Tracy Marisa questions the EPA study connecting fracking to water pollution in Wyoming, and Gary Simmons objects to an earlier letter about coverage of a fight.

Finally, perhaps in time for your holiday eggnog, an article on temperance mentions bootlegging in Dryden. I've heard of it in Varna, but wonder where else it was happening in Dryden.

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