December 7, 2011

Now THAT is a deficit

Maybe those signs about deficit spending cost more than planned? No?

Recent Town Supervisor candidate Bruno Schickel had run a $1364 deficit on his first campaign finance report and closed it up a bit on the second to $1166. His final report for the campaign, the 27-day post-election report, shows it blowing out to $6558 - from total campaign spending of $10,671, and donations of $4,113.

Now, this was the hardest-fought campaign in a few years, but when people ask me what it costs to run a townwide campaign in Dryden, my rough estimate lately has been "six to seven thousand dollars" - for the whole typical campaign. It's pretty much beyond my comprehension that a Dryden campaign, even a hard-fought campaign, could end up that deeply in the red.

Or maybe it was meant to be a self-financed campaign?

The rest of the Dryden reports are all saner. Republicans close with a balance of $3141 and the Democrats with a balance of $1152.

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