December 21, 2011

What's your vision for Ludgate Farms?

Ludgate Farms may be mostly closed now (Christmas trees and wreaths through the end of the week), but there's an effort growing to re-open it next year. They've put up a survey you may want to explore:

We have created a community survey to see what interest there would be in reopening Ludgate Farms on Hanshaw Road in Ithaca, NY. If there is enough local support, the store could live on, perhaps in a new form, providing much needed local food to the East Hill community and beyond. It all depends on the collective vision! This is your chance to express your preferences for the new store and pledge your support. So thanks for participating...


Please fill out one survey per family. There are only 10 questions and it should take about 5 minutes. All answers are optional.

The more people that fill out this survey, the more useful it will be, so please share the link with your contacts!

To stay in the loop, join our Google group:

More about Ludgate Farms:

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