December 5, 2011

Wireless broadband arriving

Infrastructure is difficult stuff, but it's getting here! Three and a half years after New York State awarded Clarity Connect a $430,000 grant to deliver wireless broadband to Dryden, we're just about to see it start up:

The move is expected to expand service to 97 percent of the 3,078 households in Dryden that now have Internet that doesn't meet federal requirements for speed to be considered broadband, according to Clarity Connect CEO Chuck Bartosch....

Although 152 homes will be unable to receive the new service, Bartosch said the company is considering options for those residents, including a small neighborhood transmitter.

A third of the $1.115 million project, or $430,000, was funded by a state grant. The town assisted the company in procuring the grant, and waived the more than $15,000 in associated permitting fees

I suspect that David Makar, who made internet access a key part of his platform when he ran in 2006 and 2007, is happy to see this happening while he's still in office. I also hope we remember why Time-Warner wasn't very interested in expanding service here.

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