January 10, 2012

Who or what leaves behind dead ducks and geese?

Some days I just don't get it. I heard from a friend on Facebook that she'd seen dead ducks and geese on Lower Creek, and wasn't able to get anyone in government to take a look. I went over - to the turnaround just north of Route 13 on Lower Creek Road - and sure enough, there were two dead Canada geese and one dead mallard duck.

Dead geese, Lower Creek at Route 13
Dead geese, Lower Creek at Route 13.

Dead mallard, Lower Creek at Route 13
Dead mallard, Lower Creek at Route 13.

I didn't see signs of shooting, though I didn't look that closely and didn't handle them. It seems really unlikely that a car would have hit all of them. They all seemed to have their breastbones exposed and were missing what would be the breast meat, though I don't know if that happened later - a passing animal?

Very very strange, and weirdly disturbing. Sorry if this one is too graphic.

Posted by simon at January 10, 2012 3:08 PM in
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KAZ said:

Shot and breasted out, presumably before the season ended Monday, according to my resident expert. Most people do this at home or toss the carcasses where the coyotes can get them, not in the middle of a road. Maybe these fell off a truck? People do often duck hunt down there.