February 18, 2012

After the boom

This morning's Ithaca Journal asks Has New York missed the hydrofracking boom? and concludes sort of maybe. Over two years ago, I suggested that there were good economic reasons for drilling to come later if it came at all, and that piece seems to be holding up pretty well.

The Journal seemed to binge on "don't worry [about people who want to make lots of money], be happy" guest viewpoints this week. They let Henry Kramer continue his jurisdiction-shopping in an assault on home rule I commented on elsewhere. Brad Gill of the Independent Oil and Gas Association suggests that we "rely on the credible and competent experts in the energy field" and hopes we don't remember that "experts in the energy field" (that he considers credible) get paid by or through "the energy field".

I can't help giving a bit of extra attention to this nonsense:

Experienced journalists know, however, that the Internet is an unreliable source of information, and they can easily detect every Internet-sourced letter to the editor or Guest Viewpoint.

Just remember - if you read it here, it's unreliable, and experienced journalists will detect (and do something with?) letters based on it.

That might explain why the Journal hasn't published a letter I sent them a few weeks ago about redistricting, though apparently the (less?) experienced journalists at the Cortland Standard let it through. (I'm guessing they lost it, though - it's happened before.)

In more reasonable news, the Independent Redistricting Commission for the county legislature wrapped up its work and sent it on to the county.

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claireaperez said:


this post speaks to me. I guess if we bloggers and community members and taxpayers and thinkers just left it to all the experts and knowledgeable people everything would be ok. Rock on, so glad for the internet, the truth will speak for itself.