February 24, 2012

Frontier's Internet future?

Rachel Barnhart, a reporter at Rochester's 13WHAM-TV, wondered about the future of Frontier, a local telephone company that also covers much of Dryden:

I asked Frontier in the fall of 2010 about its future plans. They did not include an upgrade to higher-speed networks. The company doesn't believe most people need super-fast Internet.

She also posts a response from the company that feels to me like boilerplate - but then I don't have Frontier service. (I'm on the very edge of Verizon's coverage area, in a place where they don't even offer DSL.)

Any Frontier customers have good news to report?

Posted by simon at February 24, 2012 8:52 AM in
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KAZ said:

To answer you effectively, I just tested my Frontier speed at 461 kbps download and 96 kbps upload. I believe that I am paying for about 4 times that speed. So no, I have no good news to report.