April 25, 2012

eNewspaper on its way

I'm not really sure what the Journal is up to. They report the arrival of an eNewspaper, a "digital replica" of their print edition, which is free until 6:00am Saturday. You can explore it here and see what you think.

(Why six in the morning? Maybe more important, why a digital replica of the whole print paper? Should I invest in a really massive monitor?)

They also say:

This format will not replace The Ithaca Journal's website, but will be an additional feature. Coming soon, The Ithaca Journal also will introduce iPhone and Android apps and a new site specially designed for tablet users.

They don't say it explicitly here, but it certainly sounded earlier like that website would also be for pay shortly. I'm definitely not eager to read my news through a cluster of applications either. We'll see...

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