April 20, 2012

Journal repeats mercenaries, mercenaries ignore it

I was really hoping the folks at Energy in Depth would have something to say about the Ithaca Journal repeating their claims with a slightly calmer take and more context, but they seem content to let Gannett's Albany bureau do their work for them.

I've written about their mercenary nature before, but after the breathless Gannett report that:

Since 2009, the Park Foundation has quietly spread around more than $3 million to dozens of advocacy groups and other institutions that oppose hydrofracking or to those that have produced research on the technique, according to a Gannett Albany Bureau review of tax filings and information on the non-profit's website.

I'd really love to know what the budget for Energy in Depth Marcellus and friends is. The Gannett article does mention "$2.9 million in 2010 alone," just for lobbying in New York State.

I'm guessing that even with the Park Foundation's help, those of us opposed to hydrofracking are getting outspent ten or twenty to one. And yet, somehow, that seems to be working pretty well, so far.

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