May 18, 2012

Town Board approves Yellow Barn water district

Last night's Town Board meeting started out with a pretty full room, because of the public hearing on the Yellow Barn water district. The Town will be taking over the infrastructure of the Yellow Barn Water Company, whose board members were there to support the project. If residents want a referendum, they can petition for one in the next thirty days, but that room seemed pretty enthusiastic.

Evan Carpenter discussed the formation of an agriculture committee, wanting to make clear that it was "not a mouthpiece for Bruno Schickel, Republicans, or fracking", and that they'd sought out people with different opinions. Board members Jason Leifer and Steve Stelick both sounded enthusiastic about the work so far.

The board also introduced the proposed zoning, a revised subdivision law, and proposed critical environmental areas 1, 2, and 5. I need to catch up on the details of all of those, though my understanding is that the content of the zoning hasn't changed since their earlier decision to delay.

At the end of the meeting, Earthjustice attorney Deborah Goldberg, who will be representing the town pro bono spoke briefly with the board about the future of the Anschutz lawsuit. I foolishly didn't take notes, but the short version is that it will likely be a very drawn-out process with occasional bursts of intense action.

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