December 31, 2012

Catching up on 2012

As work, travel, and other chaos took over my year, there's a lot I missed. These are some highlights of stories I've covered here in the past but haven't managed to focus on recently:

Zoning, Varna addendum passed.

In July, the Town Board passed the new zoning, and in December, they passed the zoning and other planning for the Varna community development plan.

Anschutz/Norse Lawsuit status

Anschutz dropped out of appealing its loss in its lawsuit contesting the Town's right to ban gas drilling through zoning. They passed it to Norse Energy, who promptly filed for bankruptcy, but the appeal goes on. This press release from Earthjustice, who are representing the Town pro bono, is a good summary of the state of play. (Update: This description of an amicus brief includes convenient links to the filings in the case.)

Gas leases expiring

I haven't seen details, but it sounds like gas companies, especially Anschutz, are letting leases expire much more easily than they were in the past. I suspect this map is now significantly lighter, though it seems to take property owner action to make a lease actually go away.

Critical Environmental Areas didn't happen

Republicans blasted this during the 2011 election, and a core of angry residents seem to have brought the creation of Critical Environmental Areas to a halt.

Poets Landing construction

Conifer's Poet Landing development on Route 38 in Dryden is approaching completion. It will have 72 units when it opens.

Route 13 bridge work

The New York State Department of Transportation has finally begun heavy work on the replacement of the Route 13 bridge over Fall Creek by Lower Creek Road. They will be putting in a temporary bridge to let traffic pass while they build a replacement bridge.

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Sean said:

The Tompkins County gas lease map is out of date as many leases in Dryden were signed in 2006-07 and the map does not appear to be updated to reflect terminated leases from this time period (including my own). Property owner action to legally terminate leases is required as Anschutz is neither renewing leases for a second term or cancelling when the primary term expires. I believe there were quite a few leases signed in 2008 that expire this year.