September 9, 2014

Cuomo wins primary, but gets stomped in Tompkins

Tompkins County was the one place I was pretty certain Zephyr Teachout could win when she first announced she'd be challenging Governor Cuomo. I'm sure there are Cuomo fans here, but apparently not very many:

Zephyr Teachout 3266 70.8%
Andrew Cuomo 1274 27.6%
Randy Credico 67 1.45%
Lieutenant Governor
Tim Wu 3034 69.17%
Kathy Hochul 1346 30.69%

Much crazier, though, are the New York Times results maps. Cuomo lost most of the Hudson Valley, and a swathe of counties through Upstate west to Ontario County. Kathy Hochul held the far west of the state for him.

I know it's a Democratic primary with a limited number of voters participating, but I never thought I'd see a map like that.

I'll update this post with final statewide numbers when they're settled.

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