Window Repair
May-June 2005

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strippedKitchen_edited-1 unstaplingScreen_edited-1 removingScreen_edited-1 paintStripper_edited-1 stripped_edited-1 windowWeights_edited-1
The kitchen screen window, stripped. Front door screen, ready for work. Removing the screen. Paint stripper at work. Front screen insert after paint stripping. Sash counterweights in NE window.
partingBead1_edited-1 partingBead2_edited-1 pulleys1_edited-1 pulleys2_edited-1 emptyWindow_edited-1 weightPocket_edited-1
Breaking off the parting bead. Pulling out the parting bead. Removing the upper sash. Pulleys, waiting for windows. View through a missing window. Pocket cover for window weights.
threeDown_edited-1 readyForPartingBead_edited-1 insertPartingBead_edited-1 partingBeadAdded_edited-1 partingBeadPulley_edited-1 upperPartingBead_edited-1
Upper sash lowered for parting bead insertion. Corner where parting bead will go. Inserting the parting bead. Parting bead partially installed. Parting bead on other side. Parting bead partly in groove.