Window Repair
May-June 2005

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finishPartingBead_edited-1 brassScrewWindowPocket_edited-1 damagedCorner_edited-1 damagedCornerCloseup_edited-1 woodFiller_edited-1 filledCorner_edited-1
Window pocket cover with parting bead installed. Window pocket cover, new brass screw, and parting bead, finished with shellac. Rotted corner of window sash, after wood strengthener. Close-up of corner. Wood filler. Wood filler in place.
pulleyCloseup_edited-1 pulleyCompare_edited-1 windowClamped_edited-1 oldGlazingPoint_edited-1 screenStart_edited-1 screenLayout_edited-1
Closeup of pulley. Unprotected and protected pulley. Clamping sash repair. Old glazing point still working. Primed kitchen screen window. Laying out screen.
screenStaple_edited-1 trimNail_edited-1 awlTrim_edited-1 nailstart_edited-1 roundedTip_edited-1 finishedScreen_edited-1
Stapling screen. Nailing trim to cover screen edge. Trim marked with awl. Staring a nail in drilled hole. A rounded edge for the crossbar trim. Completed re-screened window.