December 29, 2003

Open government

It seems to have been a quiet weekend in Dryden, or at least there's nothing in the paper. That seems best for a holiday weekend.

The Journal's lead editorial, on openness in the City of Ithaca government, though, reminds me of some controversies here from four years ago, just as I was moving into the town.

The way I remember it, Mark Varvayanis was campaigning on an open government platform, and suggested putting the Dryden Town Board minutes on the web site. Jim Schug, supervisor at the time, said he couldn't see why anyone would want to read the minutes on the web site. Even though I wasn't doing anything like this weblog at the time, it crystallized my opposition to Schug and the Republicans and I was very happy to be moving into a town that had elected Varvayanis.

The Town of Dryden Minutes page shows the results of that, though it looks like fewer and fewer boards have kept up. I'm also not sure how far back they're preserving, and I hope they keep everything available, since issues often take years to develop.

There aren't yet any minutes posted for December's Town Board meeting, though hopefully that just reflects the holidays and not the incoming board.

(And yes, I'd like to see major changes to the Town of Dryden site, and I'd even be willing to volunteer work on it if there was a chance of improving it.)

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