January 11, 2004

Cellular coverage in Dryden

The Verizon Wireless booth at the Pyramid Mall used to have a poster-sized map of their coverage areas. Of course, I signed up with them (or Frontier, anyway) when I lived in a place with coverage, and moved here, which had very weak coverage. The battery in my cell phone would die quickly because it was usually in analog mode. Now there's digital coverage here, and the phone doesn't need to stay plugged in all the time.

Unfortunately, those detailed coverage maps seem largely a thing of the past. I suspect that they've covered enough area that the details of coverage are less important, but I still find enough gaps that I'd like those maps back.

I went exploring to find local maps for various cell-phone companies. I couldn't find anything too specific to this area, but here's the best I could find last night.

If you know of more companies or better maps, let me know. A map just of cell phone towers would be interesting too.

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Adam Engst said:

If you call David down at Ithacom Wireless (across from Wegmans), he may be able to provide you with more details on Verizon Wireless coverage, since he's a reseller (and highly knowledgeable cell phone geek).