January 25, 2004

Energy efficiency saves lots of cash

I reported a few weeks ago on the energy efficiency improvements we made to the house last summer, and that our gas meter at that point looked very promising. A new bill has arrived, and the results are in: we appear to be saving more than half on our gas bill.

Our December bill, a calculated bill based on last year's usage, suggested that we had used 290 therms for the 32 days from November 17 to December 19. Based on the meter reading, however, it turns out that we only used 224.6 therms for the 65 days from November 17 to January 21. To grossly oversimplify, NYSEG expected us to be using a little over nine therms per day; instead, we're using 3.45. At the (again oversimplified) average rate of 84¢/therm, that means we're saving about $4.71 a day now.

It was enough of a change that they refunded the December payment and charged for the right amount fresh. They also want me to call to "discuss a change in the usage pattern on your account." I'll be happy to call them.

There's no good reason even an old rental house shouldn't be energy efficient.

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