January 8, 2004

Green SPCA expansion

The expansion of the SPCA facility on Hanshaw Road is starting to come together.

SPCA expansion in progress
SPCA expansion in progress

Existing SPCA, 1640 Hanshaw Road
Existing SPCA, 1640 Hanshaw Road (map)

There are a lot of reasons why this new facility is interesting. It's part of their work on a no-kill policy. The expansion is also using green building technology so it'll have less of an impact on the environment and lower costs of operation. Especially given the cost of energy (and the weather) here, this seems like a good idea for other buildings in the area as well.

The SPCA has a plan of the new facility, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. (It's worth noting that while the SPCA performs contract services with the Town of Dryden and other municipalities, it isn't a government agency.)

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