September 6, 2006

212 new homes in Dryden

In an aside in an article about the possible impact of a new sewer system in the Town of Lansing, the Journal notes that Dryden led the county in new home construction last year, with 212 to Lansing's 211. I'm...

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August 31, 2006

Town Hall groundbreaking

Usually when people talk about politicians wielding shovels, even golden shovels, it isn't meant to be a compliment. However, the Dryden Town Board seemed to have a good time yesterday at the groundbreaking for the new Town Hall, and quite...

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February 4, 2006

Development on 366

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February 25, 2005

Home and Garden Show at Armory

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January 11, 2005

ICSD Special education, state issues

There isn't much specific to Dryden in today's Ithaca Journal, but there is plenty of new that affects Dryden or some part of it. The Ithaca City School District will be reviewing a report on its special education programs tonight....

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July 18, 2004

Green construction in Bethel Grove

Yesterday was a busy day in Bethel Grove. First I went to the stream monitoring workshop, and then I stopped by the workday for Sarah Highland and Cat Berry's clay-straw house that the Journal had mentioned earlier this week. I...

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July 13, 2004

Half-timbered house, Fahrenheit 9/11

This morning's Ithaca Journal brings a story of a house on German Cross Road being built of timber, clay, and straw. The foot-thick walls are as insulated as walls using typical 6-inch fiberglass batts. The materials are all local, and...

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May 27, 2004

Work in progress at Freese Road

While the Freese Road bridge is open again, there's still work being done on the sewer pump on the south side of the bridge. Sewer work gets closer to completion at Freese Road bridge. There was mention at a Town...

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May 13, 2004

Freese Road bridge reopens

The Freese Road bridge, which was closed on March 29th, finally reopened last night. Bridge open at Freese Road Work appears to continue on the sewer pump on the south side of the bridge. Sewer work continues at Freese Road...

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May 3, 2004

Moving wires, removing poles

NYSEG was busy across the street today. They put in new poles last year, but left the old ones in place until they got around to moving the wires. They did some today, and will no doubt being doing more...

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April 26, 2004

Busy day at Freese Road bridge

There was a lot going on at the closed Freese Road bridge today, with NYSEG doing electrical work to support the replacement sewer pump on the south side of the bridge, and Tompkins County working on the north side of...

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April 22, 2004

Green buildings, ICSD

Today's Ithaca Journal, taking note of Earth Day, takes a look at green building practices in Tompkins County, including the Tompkins County SPCA expansion building under construction on Hanshaw Road. There's also a lot of coverage of the Ithaca City...

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April 6, 2004

Bridge out

The detour signs on Hanshaw Road, Route 13, and Route 366 are up because of work being done on the bridge over Fall Creek on Freese Road in Varna. There's good reason for the detour. Bridge work at Freese Road...

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February 17, 2004

SPCA construction continues

The last time this site looked at the SPCA expansion, the frame was up but it was still largely open. It looks like they've gotten it largely boxed in now: SPCA expansion with complete walls...

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January 8, 2004

Green SPCA expansion

The expansion of the SPCA facility on Hanshaw Road is starting to come together. SPCA expansion in progress Existing SPCA, 1640 Hanshaw Road (map) There are a lot of reasons why this new facility is interesting. It's part of their...

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