January 23, 2004

Journal obsessed with county executive?

I think I may have to start a new category just on the county executive issue, or maybe just on the Ithaca Journal's coverage of it, as they can't seem to stop writing about it. Tompkins County Republican Chairman Mark Finkelstein had a brilliant idea when he announced the idea with a press conference rather than through the County Legislature, since he seems to have grabbed the Journal's attention and now they just won't let go.

Today's editorial complains that "there has been no apparent movement on that idea by elected officials, who understandably may prefer things the way they are." This is despite the fact that the idea was floated at a press conference less than six weeks ago, during a time period filled with holidays and organizational meetings that don't happen by themselves.

Maybe there's a roaring crowd calling for a county executive standing in front of the Journal's offices or those of the County; I can't say I've seen those crowds when I've been downtown. If crowds were there, that would explain the combination of:

I hope I haven't missed anything there, though maybe one got by in the rush. At least now I can reference this article when they publish on it in the future.

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