January 23, 2004

Organizational meeting minutes

The minutes for the January 5, 2004 Town Board organizational meeting are now available. It's largely similar to last year's similar meeting, with a different cast of characters, slightly higher salaries, and different kinds of questions.

There's one bit at the end regarding fire contracts and communications between the town and the fire companies that seems worth pulling out:

The Board discussed forming an emergency services steering committee. Cl Stelick said several fire department people had told him they were not in favor of the idea. Cl Christofferson said he had spoken to some who indicate they are not looking for another layer, and getting someone other than just the fire chiefs involved is important. It would be good to get the members who have fiscal responsibilities involved. Cl Christofferson said we need to work with them to develop budgets in a timely manner. Cl Stelick said we need to have something that the fire departments are comfortable. Cl Michaels proposed that the fire department chiefs, members of boards of the departments and any other interested members be invited to a Town Board meeting for an open discussion on how to better facilitate the communication, budget process, etc. Supv Trumbull will try and schedule that meeting, which may have to be a special meeting of the board. Cl Michaels noted that in any new fire contracts he would like to break out the amount of funds going toward equipment reserves. Cl Stelick said it is important that all members of the departments agree to any committee that is formed to deal with the issues and be a part of formation of that committee.

As of the January 15 meeting, fire contracts still weren't signed, though apparently they're settled.

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