January 29, 2004

Winter driving, roads, economy

There's a lot of Tompkins County news in the Ithaca Journal today, though not much specific to Dryden.

The editorial page is largely focused on winter driving issues, including an editorial, a guest column on safe driving, and two letters.

There's also concern about possible cuts to state highway funding. Pataki's proposed budget would cut $276,000 from the $1.3 million the county receives from the state. This money wasn't in the governor's budget last year either, and was restored by the legislature, but the state of New York's finances are still not very promising.

The Tompkins Country economy seems to be improving, though Elia Kacapyr notes that even with a jump in December (largely thanks to home sales), he find "the growth rate of the Tompkins County economy at 0.3 percent for all of 2003." He had predicted a 1% rate for 2003, and predicts a 2.5% increase for 2004.

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