January 28, 2004

Auditing the results of my energy audit

I wrote earlier about how we'd had an energy audit followed by major energy improvements to our house last year. Monday night, I got a call from the Energy Star folks saying that they wanted to take a look at the work that'd been done. As they'd paid us a rebate, that seemed reasonable.

John Puc of Conservation Services Group came by with a collection of instruments much like the ones that Performance Systems Contracting had used both for the energy audit and to test the work when they'd concluded. He tested for carbon monoxide on both our (old) water heater and our (new) furnace, for pressure differentials between rooms, and did another blower door test, coming up with 1900 CFM instead of the 1855 CFM - still a big improvement on the 3500 CFM we'd had before. (Unlike the first time we did it, also in the middle of winter, it didn't leave the house freezing, either.)

blower-door test
Setting up for the blower-door test

I was happy to see that the state is checking up on projects they pay for, though apparently they audit a random sample of houses. I'm thrilled with the work we had done, the financial results, and that New York State considers energy efficiency a priority.

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