February 19, 2004

Planning in the Village, sledding, opinion

While the Town of Dryden Planning Board takes up revisions to the Draft Comprehensive Plan for hamlets tonight, the Ithaca Journal reports that the Village of Dryden will have a public hearing on maintaining their housing construction moratorium while discussing a call for proposals on their own Comprehensive Plan. The Village recently received a $15,000 state grant for planning, and is working on a consolidated housing plan as well.

Absentee ballots are available for March 16 village elections. There's also an article on sledding in Tompkins County, including Dryden, and a letter from Village of Dryden resident Maureen Brull on the pace of death penalty proceedings.

Also, an article on the increase in homelessness in Tompkins County brings out a different angle of rising housing costs.

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