February 18, 2004

Planning Board to discuss Varna, Etna on 19th

The Town of Dryden Comprehensive Plan page now indicates that:

The Planning Board will be discussing revisions to the Draft Comprehensive Plan over the next several meetings. Public comments have been summarized into the topic areas listed below. This list is not in order of priority - all public comments will be considered carefully. The Planning Board also recognizes that many of these topics are interrelated. However, this list will help to guide the revision process over the next few months.
1. Varna Hamlet Area
2. Etna Hamlet Area
3. Etna Industry / Office / Research Area
4. Housing
The Planning Board will focus on the first two topics at the upcoming February 19th meeting, with hopes of also addressing the third and fourth if time permits. The public is welcome to attend.
For each subsequent meeting, the Planning Board will post the topics to be discussed in advance of the meeting. We apologize that this first posting gives such short notice. The planning board continues to welcome all public comments in writing regarding the Draft Comprehensive Plan.

If you have any interest in Etna or Varna, it looks like Thursday night, 7:30pm, the Dryden Town Hall (map) is the place to be.

(One set of suggested changes to the sections on hamlets, from Planning Board member David Weinstein, is here.)

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