March 6, 2004

Fall Creek flow

David Weinstein writes with news about a sign of spring, Fall Creek's current flow of water:

The USGS gage site web page has continuous flow records from Forest Home (right below the lower bridge) for the last 78 years.
Since the ice broke up on March 3rd, the flow has been going down and up between 800 and 1700 cubic feet per second. Today it is at 1470. Normally, the flow is above 200 for only 50% of the time at this time of year and above 550 only 20% of the time, but it has been as high as 3800 and as low as 37 on this day in history.
The flood record for this location is about 15,500 in 1935, and slightly over 11,900 was sufficient to close the Varna bridge in 1982. The highest flow since I've lived here on Freese Rd was the January 19, 1996, 2" rainfall on top of a snowpack, which caused a flow of about 9500 cfs.
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