March 4, 2004

New principal, roof repairs, elections

Today's Ithaca Journal has a story on the new principal of Dryden Middle School, Roger Fedele, interviewing both Fedele and Dryden parents. There will be a welcoming reception for Fedele on March 8th, at 7pm in the Middle School cafeteria.

In the Ithaca City School District, they're repairing lots and lots of school roofs with extra money that has become available since last year's budget.

On the editorial page, the main editorial discusses upcoming elections, including the March 16th village elections, for which tomorrow is the last day to register.

Also on the editorial page are letters from Town of Dryden resident and Cornell research associate David Conner questioning genetically-modified organisms and Cornell's role in their creation, and Town of Dryden resident Charlie Hart, who manages to get some Clinton-bashing in while complaining about Bush-bashing.

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