March 4, 2004

Village of Dryden elections

I've been surprised by how little coverage village elections have had this year, though at least today's Ithaca Journal editorial mentions village elections. Even finding out who the candidates are has been a challenge, though yesterday's Shopper included a notice on Freeville elections.

Thanks to County Legislator Michael Lane, I now have a complete list of who is running for the two two-year trustee positions and the one one-year position. (The mayor is not up for election this year.)

There are only two candidates for the two two-year positions, so both (barring a write-in campaign) are likely to be elected. Mary Ellen Bossack, a Democrat, and Daniel Wakeman, a Republican, are both running for re-election.

There is a contest for the one-year position, with Daniel Potter, a Democrat, running against Robert Witty, a Republican. Witty was appointed by the mayor to take Michael Hattery's seat, which he resigned when he became a member of the Town Board.

Voting for these positions will take place at the Village Hall (map) on March 16th. Absentee ballots are also available from the Tompkins County Board of Elections. According the the Journal, they must be mailed by March 9th or delivered in person by 4:30pm on March 15th.

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