March 13, 2004

Request for information on schools, history

Elsie Gutchess has a letter in the Cortland Area Tribune:

To Area Senior Citizens,
As we speedily move along in the 2000s, I am always interested in hearing personal recollections of bygone times from within the Town of Dryden.
Many of you have already made contributions to the still-unpublished manuscript that will become the 2nd Centennial History of our Town. That larger-than-anticipated project is scheduled for publication in 2005.
If enough additional interviews and material can be collected, a publication on the "Schools of the Town of Dryden" is expected also in 2005. That will include and cover each of the Rural Schools, as well as GJR, Freeville, and Dryden schools. Some rural schools were just outside our town lines, but were attended by Dryden families. If possible, they will be included.
If you have stories or memories about early school or community events, businesses, farm life, families, reunions, etc., and would be willing to be interviewed, please call me. I can come to you or meet you somewhere else, at a time that is convenient for you.
As the Historian for the Town of Dryden, I am charged with gathering and preserving the history of our entire town. I need contributions from you long-time or long-ago residents who each hold a little piece for this big assignment. All together, we can recapture the past and save the story for future residents.
Please contact me at your convenience. My phone is 607.844.5504. Write me at Box 555, Dryden NY 13053. Or email me at
- Elsie Gutchess
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