April 1, 2004

More on phosphorous, planning

As noted here previously, the Town of Dryden will be having a public hearing on the removal of phosphorous from the City of Ithaca's sewage treatment plant, which serves the Varna and Route 13 area sewer districts. Today's Ithaca Journal has an article on the City's approval of extra cost for the work and controversies in the contract.

The Town of Dryden's share (which will apply to the sewer districts, not the town in general) is 1.9% of $4.97 million, or, as the hearing notice states, no more than $98,505, up from a previously approved $81,477.

Further afield, there are also articles on the county's upcoming comprehensive plan and the questions about implementing a comprehensive plan in Danby that echo concerns heard in Dryden.

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