April 1, 2004

More on the two Charlie Harts

After last week's letter about the two Charlie Harts in Dryden, one of whom writes letters to the editor, the letter-writing Charlie Hart wrote in. He argues that what's on the Opinion Page should stay on the Opinion Page:

If someone is upset enough to call me at home because of my opinions they will really be upset when they hang up. It is only an opinion and if it bothers someone, they can respond in the forum in which they heard or read it. There is no need to take it outside the forum as it should be understood that what is printed on The Journal's Opinion Page in no way is intended to harm someone -- especially a family who had nothing to do with what was printed.

The Journal (or Hart) appears to have made a slight change, identifying his letters as being from Charlie Hart of the Village of Freeville rather than of the Town of Dryden, as he was identified in previous letters.

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