April 21, 2004

This week's Courier

This week's Dryden Courier includes an article on Dryden Middle School's production of Fiddler on the Roof, which will be performed April 22nd through 24th at 7pm each night. On a similar note, the "Mind over Matters" column looks at a CD release party for beyondmeasure, Dryden High School's a cappella choir.

There's also an editorial on open government, noting the obligations governments have under New York's Open Meetings Law. It's well-worth a read, and next week's editorial will be covering the Freedom of Information Law. Those two laws make a lot of what you see here much easier, not to mention possible!

There's also a piece on NYSERDA, the program we used when doing our house's energy improvements last year.

Finally, Tony Hall profiles me and this site. Fortunately he doesn't give me any titles I have to live up to, and there are some nice comments from Kathy Zahler and Town Councilman Steve Stelick. The only glitch is that he says I've been here a year, when I've been here four. On the other hand, if I could change the date on the paper from 2004 to 2000 and read the same story today, I'd certainly have learned a lot more about how the town works in those four years than I know after about six months of this.

Update: Oops, missed one. There's also a piece on the Sustainability Salons, which I mentioned earlier. I've been going to the one in Lansing at Rogue's Harbor (map), which meets from 5:30pm to 7pm, Mondays through May 3. They caught me in the picture.

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