May 19, 2004

Dryden residential assessments lowest increase in county

Dryden has the only residential assessment increase below 10% in all of Tompkins County, with a 9.11% increase. The table of preliminary assessments by town (which accompanied this article in yesterday's Journal) also shows neighboring Groton with a 12.85% increase, Caroline with a 12.98% increase, and the Town of Ithaca with a 14.8% increase. Enfield has the highest increase - 28.11% - while Newfield and Lansing both have increases around 18%.

Dryden is in the middle of the pack for commercial assessments, increasing 6.64%.

Overall, this means that Dryden residents will be paying a lower share of county taxes next year as other towns' valuations have increased more than Dryden's.

In another bit of print-only data, this week's Our Towns section reports that nearly half - 47.87% - of the town's 6,798 employed residents over 16 commute from 15-29 minutes, while 36.92% have a fifteen minute or shorter commute. Only 3.81% commute an hour or more.

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