May 19, 2004

Dryden school budget fails in tie; Ithaca budget passes

The Dryden Central Schools budget failed to pass with a 718-718 tie. The school buses proposal passed 738-592, and Anderson Young (1055 votes), Margaret DeGaetano (936), Russ Kowalski (902) will join the board, defeating Paul Lutwak (699 votes). Board President Rachel Dickinson said the district will create a new budget, not present the same one.

In the Ithaca district, the budget passed 2452-1077. Dryden resident David Lee led vote counts with 2697, followed by Judith Maxwell (2487) and Robert DeLuca (1569). Runners-up included Wilma Martin (1412), Allen Lambert (1279), and David Shoemaker (600). Ithaca also approved a separate $1.25 million spending measure.

In county news, the Journal quotes County Legislator Mike Lane on the county's push to have an Empire Zone here.

The Our Towns section is mostly about Groton, but the Dryden Briefs mention the Sierra Mist Dribble, Pass, & Score competition this Saturday at Dryden High School on Saturday, May 22nd, at 9am, as well as Dryden Dairy Day, which will be June 12th at Montgomery Park.

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