June 14, 2004

Henry Kramer considers run for County Legislature

I happily pick up any free newspaper I find in the bins at the supermarket, and I found a new one today: The June Issue. It's published by Ithaca High School students, apparently because the last issue of their regular paper, The Tattler, was cancelled.

I wasn't particularly looking for Dryden news in it, but they had an interview with outgoing school board member Henry Kramer, and asked him if he planned to run for the Board of Education again or for other public office. His reply:

I want to continue to give something back to the entire community. I am seriously considering seeking the Republican nod for the County Legislature seat from Dryden now held by Martha Robertson. I have no plans to run again for the Board of Education, but won't rule it out when there is a new Superintendent.

Those aspirations might explain Kramer's June 9th letter to the Ithaca Journal.

Apart from the politics, this makes me wonder about something: when does a candidate become a candidate? "Seriously considering" sounds strong, but the election is over a year away. Maybe it's too soon to be asking this question, but Kramer seems to be campaigning already.

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Andrew Alexander said:

Wow--I found your blog through Google, although I remember reading the Ithaca Journal article about it some months ago.

I'm an editor of the Tattler (or, as we were for the last month, The June Issue), and thanks so much for reading the paper. Henry Kramer is certainly an interesting fellow.