July 31, 2004

Construction along Dryden Road

There's a lot going on along the overlap of Routes 13 and 366 lately. I'd mentioned the Town Board giving approval to Marrotte to put up a two-car garage, and that's largely up now.

The Marrotte garage under construction
The Marrotte garage under construction

Down the road at BB Farms, they're adding a more permanent barn-like structure to their current temporary stands.

The BB Farms barn under construction
The BB Farms barn under construction

There's also a house that's been under construction there for a long time, but I haven't seen progress in over a year. I was very happy to see it when it got started, but don't know what to make of this long pause.

House construction halted?
1477 Dryden Road, where construction seems to have paused.

Down the road toward Ithaca, on 366, Saunders' Greenhouse has a new coat of paint, leaving behind its previous green.

Saunders Greenhouse, now maroon
Saunders Greenhouse, now in maroon paint.

(Saunders' neighbor, the Plantation Inn, also got a fresh coat of paint recently.)

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