July 12, 2004

County patrols, OTB, jail, sign thefts

There's very little in today's Ithaca Journal specific to Dryden, but county issues come up. The Journal reports that State Police told the County Legislature Friday that they couldn't easily take over road patrol duties from the Sheriff's Department. Troopers are already spread thin by anti-terrorism and security duties, and don't have resources to take over those duties. County Legislator Martha Robertson is quoted saying "This is not surprising, but it sounds even worse than expected."

The question of whether Tompkins County should have Off-Track Betting parlors will be on the ballot in November after the OTB Referendum Initiative produced 4000 signatures in favor of a referendum.

On the Opinion page, the Journal recommends a flexible solution to the question of the new county jail size and suggests Tompkins County join with other counties to take on the state's "unfunded and unsubstantiated mandates" from the Corrections Commission.

Also on the Opinion page, sign-stealing seems to be off to an active start this year. In addition to to Saturday's dart (and my own disappearing Kerry signs) there are two letters today, one reporting a stolen "Bush Must Go" sign and one reporting a stolen "Bush Can Stay" sign.

On sign stealing, I've been wondering if there are ways to protect the signs. Lights that would turn on when the sign is pulled from the ground, a video camera to record thieves - it all seems like overkill, certainly, but this seems to be a year where it may be a good idea. What's the penalty for sign thievery?

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