July 12, 2004

Where do you get your local news?

If you're reading this site (and didn't find it through a search engine), odds are good you get at least some of your Dryden news from this site. This site, in turn, gets news from the Ithaca Journal, Dryden Courier, The Shopper, WHCU, Cortland Area Tribune, Cortland Standard, Auburn Citizen, Elmira Star-Gazette, sometimes the Corning Leader, from going to meetings, talking to people, and occasionally from email and comments people send. (I don't have television at the moment.)

For national news, almost all of us are dependent on the media to hear what's going on. Albany is nearly as remote. For local news, though, there all kinds of ways to hear about things, find about things, even investigate things. The distances aren't that far, and the people are often familiar.

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