July 14, 2004

Farm walk, abuse charges, more

If you read this in the next hour, you have time to get to a dairy walk at 9am this morning exploring how Lewie and Steve Stuttle "have successfully combined pasturing with high milk production on their farm in Dryden." In the same set of briefs, the Ithaca Journal reports that the Conservation Board is looking for a new member.

A Dryden resident, Chris Slater, appeared in Town Court facing two new counts of first-degree sexual abuse after a conviction in 2002.

The Journal also has an announcement for the upcoming 4-H Youth Fair, which will be held July 28th to 31st at 4-H acres (map).

On the opinion page, Nari and Virgina Mistry write that "Kerry and Edwards will provide better healthcare, jobs, education and taxes balanced against ballooning deficits, and will protect the nation's future without the 'compassionate conservatism' that only shows contempt for us ordinary Americans. For foreign policy wisdom they can learn from the grievous mistakes of the last four years."

In the print edition only, there's a table on educational attainment by residents of the Village of Freeville age 25 or older, which is very similar to the "Percent of Population 25 or older" section of this census table.

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