July 15, 2004

School budgets, boards, lots of small news items

The Ithaca Journal has lots of news stories on Dryden today, though Dryden plays only a small part in many of them.

On the schools front, Tricia Edgecomb is resigning from the Dryden school board a year into her term. Dryden's 1979 High School Class Reunion will be July 17th at 4:30pm.There's also a piece on prospects for resolution of state education funding issues.

In the Ithaca district, researchers are examining the special education program and Ithaca High School will no longer give Kente stoles to members of the African Latino at graducation.

Gail Park, Director of Southworth Library, is one of several county residents quoted in interviews about the economy under President Bush.

The Journal has a huge list of police reports, actually split into two stories. Some are old, and some are undated, but a lot of them seem to come from the last week. The only one in Dryden involves unpleasant vandalism at the Covenant Love Church on Route 13.

There's an article on the Town of Lansing's recreation program including a quote from Dryden Recreation Coordinator Jennifer Glaab saying "We're still up and growing in Dryden. They have a great model that we strive for." It also discusses Lansing's not participating in the Recreation Partnership.

There's a piece on the Town of Ithaca's efforts to create bike paths that aren't right on the road, which reminds me of the opportunities here to do more with the old railroad beds from Varna to Freeville and Freeville to Dryden. Walking or riding along 366 isn't much fun, and there's a path already graded that could be much more pleasant if developed.

On the opinion page, Ken Jupiter of Dryden writes about bunkers for firefighters in Ithaca, and the Journal's own editorial discusses the the unclear status of the TCAT bus system and hopes for a solution.

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