July 20, 2004

TC3 advocate dies, county and state issues

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on the sudden death of Rere Hassett, a professor at TC3 and head of the Public Assistance Comprehensive Employment (PACE) program there.

They also report that senior coupon booklets for the Farmers' Market will be available at the Dryden Food Pantry, at the Dryden Presbyterian Church (map), from 11am to noon on Friday the 23rd.

In county news, County Legislator Mike Lane is quoted about an August public meeting on the county executive proposal. The Government Operations Committee has visited Chatauqua and Chemung counties, and will probably be visiting Broome County as well.

Ray Schweiger of Dryden, "a police officer in [Ithaca] for more than 14 years," is quoted supporting John Beau Saul in a report on responses to the Ithaca Journal's asking who should be next police chief in Ithaca.

A guest column from County Legislative Chair Tim Joseph discusses the conflict with the state over the county jail and Joseph's hopes for avoiding a court battle.

The Journal's own editorial looks to a vote today at the state level, urging readers to call their state senators to support an increase in the state's minimum wage.

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