July 19, 2004

Where do you walk?

At last week's Planning Board meeting, Jim Crawford asked a lot of questions about sidewalks, especially around the hamlet areas. Sidewalks are a regular request for Varna, though apparently not as in demand in Etna.

I walk around a lot on my property - sitting still is difficult for me - but I don't walk from place to place very often. I occasionally walk up to the Plantation Inn, and I've walked to Treeforms and the Exxon on the corner a few times, but generally if I'm going somewhere I drive. That's the nature of where I live, and it's the nature of a lot of Dryden. I have a lot more walkable destinations than much of Dryden does, in fact. Better shoulders to walk on, too, though they're not exactly comforting.

Sitting and driving aren't great exercise. I've always thought driving to the gym was just bizarre. Bicycling is an option, though I count regular riders on 366 as brave. I do walk around the Village of Dryden a fair amount when I'm there for any length of time, but that's probably once a week.

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