August 12, 2004

No Dryden headlines, much Dryden news

There aren't any headlines that mention Dryden in today's Ithaca Journal, but there's lots of news relating to Dryden.

There's an article on state aid to local schools that cites Dryden Central School Board President Rachel Dickinson: "Dryden's tax rate was planned to jump 74 cents to $22.56 for 2004-05, but Dickinson said the levy cut will reduce that increase by 44 cents for a tax rate of $22.12."

A piece on the state budget notes $10.6 million coming to TC3 for its athletic facility renovation.

An article on the county's plans for a prescription discount card quotes County Legislator Martha Robertson as saying "this would especially help the uninsured, the underinsured and the working poor." The plan will not cost the county money, either. For now the plan doesn't provide access to cheaper Canadian pharmacies.

A rabid racoon was shot on North Wood Road, and the county health department will be having a free rabies vaccination program in September and October.

The SPCA is trying to capture a skittish dog running through Dryden and Lansing, and asks residents to call only if they've actually confined it.

There's also a notice about the county's Natural Resources Inventory, mentioning the interactive mapping system the county has made available. (Also, despite the warnings, it does seem to work fine with my Mozilla browser.) At the main interface of the interactive system, you can zoom into particular areas of the county and see maps including things like streams, roads, elevations, tax parcels, wetlands, and unique natural areas. I'll do a follow-up article on this sometime, as it's worth a lot of attention.

Dryden resident John Cooper, Jr., is quoted in an article on the Race Day held in Ithaca yesterday, and there's also a picture of Amy Scott and her race car.

On the opinion page, Irene Scott of Dryden (who wrote last month about convention coverage) responds to a Journal editorial by proposing drug tax stamps as another way for the county to make money.

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