August 21, 2004

Pataki vetoes TC3 expansion funding

Governor Pataki's budget vetoes struck TC3 and Cornell yesterday, as the governor vetoed all capital funds for higher education, including $10.6 million for TC3's expansion and $12 million for Cornell renovations. A legislative override seem uncertain, though there's definitely some anger in Albany. I suspect the Senate will wait until after the Republican National Convention to do anything in any case.

Bolton Point water rates are likely to increase (my own included), as the water utility faces increasing costs for construction. There will be a public hearing on this at the September Town Board meeting.

Absentee ballots are available for the September 14th Republican primary election, where voters will choose between incumbent Sherwood Boehlert and challenger David Walrath in the 24th Congressional District, which includes Dryden.

There's a list of dairy show winners dated July 30th that I think is from the recent 4-H Fair on Lower Creek Road, though it doesn't say that clearly.

There are both a Laurel and a Dart from Dryden this week. Patricia Ober gives the Hangar Theatre a Laurel for their production of "Cats," while Henry Kramer gives a Dart to the young man who tore down his Bush-Cheney sign, apparently the fifth time it's been removed.

Ithaca Journal Managing Editor (and Dryden resident) Bruce Estes writes about the challenges of buying women's slacks and discrimination against a former photographer, concluding that "Parking is hard enough to find on East Hill without having to worry where your ancestors were born."

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